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      This website aims to be a Model Website and Resource Center for Management, Software Developers and Students. Tons of technical documentations are available out there but most of the time, one finds himself in a cross-road wherein integration of technologies from hardware to software and communication to security becomes a nightmare.
    With more than 20 years of experience in Software Development, I will implement LiveDATA in its finest on Windows® Server 2003 R2 platform. Orchestrating industrial software from the arsenal of Microsoft® from SQL Server 2012 Database to the .NET framework, we will let everyone peek into the intricacies of integrating these IT wonders to get the most value out of every drop of your investment in a user friendly fashion ... at least from a neutral ground.
      - Gersam Lopez : coach@gersam.com  
  Innovation: Making the Difference  
    The tremendous growth of the Internet, and particularly the World Wide Web, has led to a critical mass of consumers and firms participating in a global online marketplace.
    Its rapid adaptation as a commercial medium has caused the corporation to experiment with innovative ways of marketing products and services to world wide consumers in computer-mediated environments.
    These developments are expanding beyond the utilization of the Internet as a communication medium and are now turning the Web into an important new market place.
  Making the Edge  
    Computer-oriented consumers are "tech-savvy" and the global PC penetration is significant. With the introduction of affordable yet fast processors as well as intelligent and user-friendly operating systems, Personal Computers are considered to be a common household appliance.
    Using these facts, corporate visionaries now face the challenge of deploying a Website that will excel in the playing field where the competition is staggering. The answer is . . . INNOVATION. Without innovation, your site will just be another site left at the visitors’ discretion.
    Current and potential customers of firms should consider an aggressive yet non-irritating marketing communications stance. The three main functions are: to inform, to remind, and to persuade. These three (3) should be implemented with discrete touch because potential and regular consumers are sensitive.
   Easier said than done, many Website developers lack the competence in implementing these three ‘musts’. Human psychology, visual effects and technical superiority should be infused into the Website to make it sell. The reason why many .com companies are hard up in these times is because they never consider much of the things involved. What they do is simply put up a site putting all the pictures, animations and text they want and hope that visitors will come banking on the statistic that 400 million surfers are on-line everyday.
    to be continued ...
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