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  Welcome to my website at M6  
  This website aims to be a Model Website and Resource Center for Management, Software Developers and Students. Tons of technical documentations are available out there but most of the time, one finds himself in a cross-road wherein integration of technologies from hardware to software and communication to security becomes a nightmare.
    With more than 20 years of experience, I will implement LiveDATA in its finest on Windows® Server 2003 R2 platform. Orchestrating industrial software from the arsenal of Microsoft® from SQL Server 2012 Database to the .NET framework. Third party components, objects and software that seemlessly work with Windows will also be a part of our piece. We will let everyone peek into the intricacies of integrating these IT wonders to get the most value out of every drop of investment ... in a user friendly fashion ... at least from a neutral ground.
    Please bookmark this page and be back soon, we have so much to share!
  - Gersam Lopez  
  Innovation: Making the Difference  
  The tremendous growth of the Internet, and particularly the World Wide Web, has led to a critical mass of consumers and firms participating in a global online marketplace.
    Its rapid adaptation as a commercial medium has caused the corporation to experiment with innovative ways of marketing products and services to world wide consumers in computer-mediated environments.
    These developments are expanding beyond the utilization of the Internet as a communication medium and are now turning the Web into an important new market place.
    to be continued soon ...
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